Customs Brokerage Service

o    Customs agent licence no. …

o    Customs law and regulations consultant make it right from the beginning. We understand that clear customs is only a link in the chain, we also take care for 1-2-3-4-5 years customs post-inspection.

o    Tax exemption: where-what-when-who-how to apply tax exemption and other tax favour

o    Tax exemption: where – what – when – who – how to apply tax exemption and other tax favour.

o    Daily customs clearance for all types of import – export: commercial, non-commercial, import for fixed assets, import material for manufacturing or processing purpose, temporary import, temporary export. Express clearance for emergency shipments

o    Desk-in service: Our people work in client’ office as client’s own people with strong back-up from our professional team. As flexible as client’s need. Secrecy guaranteed. Free your mind from loyalty, salary, social and other in insurances.

              o  Direct meeting with customers: For important projects, if clienct wish to discuss directly with customs house about their matters, we can  always arrange an official meeting